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Institute of Research and Debate on GovernanceNewsletter November/December 2010

IRG Life

This last quarter was a special time for IRG. On the 31st of July 2010, Michel Sauquet, our former Director, retired and joined the advisory board of the Institute. He was replaced by Séverine Bellina. A PhD in Public Administration, Séverine Bellina has served as a consultant and special assistant to the Development Program of the United Nations and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, France, on questions of governance. She has coordinated and participated in various publications on governance and teaches at Sciences Po Paris.
To see a detailed bio of Séverine Bellina: www.institut-gouvernance.org/severine_bellina

Our team now consists of:
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To see the composition of IRG’s advisory board: www.institut-gouvernance.org/equipe

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Meetings and conferences
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Discussions and proposals on governance in Africa
Perspectives in East Africa - Conference in Arusha, Tanzania
November 30 to December 2, 2009

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Process of debate and proposals on the legitimacy of power in the Andean region
Lima, Peru
From 15 to 17 February 2009

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Studies /Articles




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Just published

Gobernanza y conflicto en Colombia (Governance and Conflict in Colombia)

Claire Launay-Gama and Fernán E. González González

IRG - CINEP Program for Peace
Javeriana Publishing House (Colombia)
Book Launch November 2, 2010
Info: cinep@cinep.org.co

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