A Governance Practitioner’s Notebook: alternative ideas and approaches

Title in English : A Governance Practitioner’s Notebook: alternative ideas and approaches


  • OECD-DAC Network on Governance (GovNet)
  • With the support : Institut de recherche et de débat sur la gouvernance

    Release Date: 2015 ; Number of pages : 340

    Material Type : Collaboration of IRG to other books

    Language: English

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    The Governance Practitioner’s Notebook takes an unusual approach for the OECD-DAC Network on Governance (GovNet). It brings together a collection of specially written notes aimed at those who work as governance practitioners within development agencies. It does so, however, without attempting to offer definitive guidance – instead aiming to stimulate thinking and debate. To aid this process the book is centred on a fictional Governance Adviser.

    The Notebook’s format provides space for experts to speak on today’s governance issues: politics, public sector reform and stakeholder engagement. It encourages debate, charts the evolution of donor thinking, and highlights future challenges in the age of the Sustainable Development Goals. Each section introduces both technical issues and major areas of debate, providing ideas for future development support to institutional reform. Expert contributors include Tom Carothers, Lant Pritchett, Matt Andrews, Heather Marquette, David Booth, Sue Unsworth, Fletcher Tembo, Ousmane Sy, Jörn Grävingholt, Nick Manning and Frauke de Weijer.

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