Refonder la légitimité de l’État

When experiences and practices speak

Title in English : Restructuring the legitimacy of the State

By Institut de recherche et débat sur la gouvernance - IRG

Activity : Pluralism

Ed. : Karthala

Release Date: 2015 ; Number of pages : 240

Material Type : Books

Isbn : 978-2-8111-1383-4

KeyWords : Legitimacy of power ; State

Language: French

The State is no longer the sole actor of public action: it is now obliged to interact with civil society, the private sector and communities. This transition from « government » (a State monopoly) to « public governance » (public action with a multitude of actors) implies a certain repositioning. It is in the new relationship between the State and societies that the exercise of political power is called upon to find coherence and to restructure the legitimacy of the State.

One of the major challenges facing States is their ability to adapt to the growing complexities of social challenges. Governing in a context of uncertainty is no longer the exception. It has become the rule according to which political actors and institutions are required to review their role, their competences and their tools.

This diagnosis of a State whose legitimacy has been called into question was the starting point for the reflections contained in this work. From the standpoint of legitimacy, the authors of this book have studied a series of experiences and practices in various countries around the world and also within different international organisations. They offer a series of descriptive contributions designed to facilitate comprehension and analysis of the processes of legitimising political power, according to the different contexts and the diversity of conceptions of power.

Séverine Bellina holds a doctorate in public administration. She directs the Institute for Research and Debate on Governance (IRG being the French initials), an international space for reflection and proposals on the subject of public governance. The IRG suggests new focuses for research and assessment, and assists in the drafting of public policies.

The following have collaborated on this publication: Hassan Abdelhamid, Koffi Kumelio A. Afande, Jorge Balbis, Séverine Bellina, Eirikur Bergmann, Élisabeth Dau, Cristina Echeverri Pineda, Virginie Laurent, Élise Massicard, Marion Muller, Ghislain Otis, Télesphore Ondo, Pablo Saavedra Alessandri, Nathalia Sandoval and Béni Sitack Yombatina.

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