Acteurs non étatiques et politiques de santé publique

Title in English : Non-State Actors and Public Health Policies

By Institut de recherche et débat sur la gouvernance - IRG

Non-State Actors and Public Health Policies

Release Date: March 21, 2010 ; Number of pages : 26

Material Type : Colloquium Proceedings

Geographical areas : China ; France ; United States

KeyWords : Public Health

Language: French

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Non-State Actors and Public Health Policies

The role of civil society in the coproduction of health services in the formation of public health policies. Experiences in China, the United States and France. Minutes of the meeting of March 21 to 23, 2010

The role of non-state actors in public action is in full evolution. Whether they are associations, cooperatives, mutual companies, NGOs, unions or businesses, they participate in many countries in the providing of general interest services (health, education, water, environment, land…). They are becoming increasingly active in agendas for negotiation and consultation, from the local level to the international level, in order to promote changes in public policies.

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