L’Intelligence de l’autre

Title in English : The Intelligence of the other

By Michel Sauquet, Martin Vielajus, Institut de recherche et débat sur la gouvernance - IRG

Ed. : Éditions Charles Léopold Mayer

Release Date: October 2007 ; Number of pages : 330

Material Type : Books

Geographical areas : Europe ; Africa ; Asia ; America

KeyWords : Cultural diversity

Language: French

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Globalization is not a general harmonization or simplification trend. It certainly causes a great reduction of space and airtime, but it has not erased cultural diversity. To those in the humanitarian field, the private sector, and in international organizations who have to work or live in cultures that are not theirs, this book provides a reflection on the differences between cultures, on cultural misunderstandings, and on the need to identify areas of agreement. It offers these professionals a questioning reflex with regards to the culture of the other: does he/she have the same conception of time, action, richness, hierarchy, and relationship to the natural environment? Are we talking the same language? Is all communication only verbal? These questions help us to put in perspective our own cultural conditioning and challenge us to practice the two following virtues of intercultural relations: doubt, which does not prevent convictions; patience, which does not stop dynamism.