Reconstruire l’Afrique

Title in English : Rebuilding Africa

By Institut de recherche et débat sur la gouvernance - IRG, Ousmane Sy

Ed. : Éditions Charles Léopold Mayer

Release Date: November 2009 ; Number of pages : 222

Material Type : Books

Geographical areas : Africa ; Mali

KeyWords : Relations State / Civil Society ; North-South relations

Language: French

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Ousmane Sy is one of the men who today is shaping the destiny of Africa. One of those who dreams of an Africa reconciled with itself, an Africa able to think independently of its future in an interdependent world. He retraces here his journey, that of an excellent passer, a passer between action and reflection, between Africa and the world, between the past and the future.

In this lively and personal experience rich book, Ousmane Sy constructs real alternatives: a genuine decentralization, a radical reform of the state, a regional integration built by the peoples of Africa, an overhaul of international aid. He proposes a real project for Mali and Africa.

Ousmane Sy holds a doctorate in economic and social development. He was responsible for the UNDP program in Mali, and then led the “Decentralization and Institutional Reform Mission” before entering government. As of 2002, he is the regional coordinator of the Alliance for Rebuilding Governance in Africa (ARGA.)