Towards a Local Governance and Development Agenda

DGP-Net electronic forum – September-October 2007

By Martin Vielajus

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UNDP and UNDCF organised in September/October 2007, an electronic forum entitled “Towards a Local governance and Development Agenda -

Lessons and Challenges”. The objective of the Forum was to promote better understanding of the way to support national and local governments in their effort to improve local governance and manage decentralisation processes. The e-discussion gathered the contributions of more than a hundred UNDP offices from around the world. By defining the main obstacles encountered in the implementation of decentralisation and local governance programs, these contributions have collectively shaped the existence of common challenges.

Despite the diversity of national and regional contexts, five common challenges indeed seem to emerge from these discussions:

1 - Defining the role and strategy of donors in the decentralisation process

2 - Developing a strong national strategy and adapting it to diverse local contexts

3 - Building capacities of local actors through knowledge and information sharing

4 - Building human and financial capacities of local governance

5 - Enhancing effective participation of local populations

This mind-map synthesis proposes to develop the common reflections that resulted from the Forum. It will present the diversity of local and national responses to these common challenges.

The document was produced by the Institute for Research and Debate on Governance (IRG), thanks to a specific mind-map tool developed by

the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation and its partner Exemole.


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